1st Target is sooo Close

image: Nearly there

1st Target … Nearly There !!

New Total = £1844

Last Report = £1792

Profit = £52

It’s been a week and it’s been more than I could have hoped for! my 1st target of £2k  is within tasting distance ..
Last week I left you with “taking a punt”, but not really, as my investment was always gonna win something

So to kick off I’ve done the first freebet this evening and I’ve underlaid it, it’s for a match tomorrow and it’s also a “refund on lose” offer so I hope I’ve counted the right way! any profits will not show up until next report but as I’ve mentioned this underlaying tactic before I may report on it as side post all on it’s own by way of explaining, to myself as well as any readers why I think, or not, that underlaying has it’s merits

That one worked, thank you Arsenal! and I counted the right way..as mentioned previously this was not “gambling” it was about losing nothing or making something .. there’s a big difference

Breakdown for this week:

  • Betting: +9.00
  • Games: +43.00

so I made £9 from a £10 freebet  and it paid off it wasn’t exactly earth shattering but it helped! -it’s not every day that you can do that, but when you do take that educated guess, without being greedy, they can pay off!! coming soon a Premiership Darts bet… now who to bet on (invest in) ?


You’ll see that games are still featuring heavily, that’s a big thank you to BetFair and Wm Hill!