Advent Promotions haven’t been so lucky so far!

image: Advent Calendar

Advent with the Bookmakers

New Total = £1450

Last Report, 30th Nov = £1346

Profit = £104


3 Weeks into the Bookmakers’ Christmas Advent promotions and I’ve not had the best of luck with them!

“What’s luck got to do with it?” you may ask, when I’ve said this is Risk Free, well it is risk free but when playing the games, free spin kind of offers – which there are loads of right now – you don’t actually lose anything, but you need a wee bit of luck to have a decent sized WIN, it’s an all or nothing kind of thing when spinning the reels :)

Breakdown of £104 profit:

  • Bet Offers – £41 (5 x freebets)
  • Bingo – £4 (free play)
  • Games – £59

To put the “luck” part into context, the Games actually consisted of around 15 games involving £95 of Risk Free funds ranging between £2 and £7 a time, and I never yet hit one big Win, e.g. in August I won £90 off a 50p spin – while that was nice, it is my usual resolve to be happy with £6-£10 win off a single spin, and will stop if that happens – it’s just not worked that way this month though, but I’ve never liked Christmas, so why should it like me :) …. Bah Humbug!

Still they’re not finished yet and who knows I may have more (profit!) to report next time.

I have found though that  I do not have the time to keep up with all the different December sport offers, as real life, family & Christmas duties just get in the way and I mean that in a nice way, this is just a hobby and I’ve no intention of letting it take over the important bits. So I really do find that the games part is about all there’s time for as that takes just a few minutes to play.

It’s been an interesting year, finding out all about this “matched betting” lark in the first place, final target for this year is that I will be really chuffed if I can break the £1500 barrier by Hogmanay, so onwards.. and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and will report back after New Year!