Aim #1 – plus £70

Andy Murray achieved his first major aim this week, I’m more determined than ever to keep at mine!!

It really is a small update this evening, as you can see the Aim#1 total is still climbing (471 at the last update to 547 this update = +£76)

1 more new bookie which netted £40 of that, the rest is ongoing offers(games) or some tiny arbs (arbitrages). It’s slow progress, too slow for me really, BUT IT IS PROGRESS nonetheless, and it is for free!

Yes I’m playing games but at the same time I’m reading/learning how to maximise offers, I will not bet (invest) into a sporting event that I get too emotional about.. i.e. the Andy Murray US Open victory, offers were flying at me left right and centre for this match, but because I couldn’t work out the best way to use them along with the few bookies I have &  I had the “I want him to win” mentality.. then I just left well alone – there will be another day ;)

talking about Andy! we were weren’t we?.. it was worth staying up late to watch/listen, just to be a part of that history – Well Done yersel’ !!