Biggest week, foretold by a fortune cookie!

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Did my Fortune Cookie foretell my Lucky Weekend?

New Profits Total = £1136

Last Week – £885

As you can see that’s a £209 profit this week, and OMG are you gonna laugh when you hear how this happened..

First off I’ll tell you that £42 of it came, not from trading, but from the beginning whereby I’d signed up to a couple of Bookmakers via TopCashBack, remember I’d said you must only ever count CashBack as a bonus because sometimes it doesn’t track properly or it doesn’t pay out, well 2 out of 4 have just paid out :) 1 is still tracking and yet another has not tracked so I don’t expect to see a payment from it.

This last weekend was the last weekend of the holidays and I knew it was going to be a quiet one matched betting wise, as I was to be away on Sunday when the 2 big EPL games were on and would miss out any offers for them. I did get some of the regular horse racing offers on Saturday morning and managed to get a few small trades placed, I even learned how to trade a “treble” – aren’t I getting good I’m learning all these new types of bet I didn’t even know existed! – Trading a multiple though is not for the faint hearted and it does mean you could be tied to your PC/mobile for the duration of the 3 (or how ever many there are) events – as for matched bettors they must know the result of the first leg before trading on the second one and so on until the multiple bet is “busted” – fortunately I managed to bust my treble on the first leg so didn’t have to place any more trades after the first one, giving a RF profit of £5 from £10 freebet, Multiples, typically, are not as profitable as a single matched bet from which you would expect 80-90% which is why bookies love them ;)

Anyway back to Friday evening and at a loss for something “entertaining” to do I opened my email to find an offer from one of my bookies for a 50% deposit Bonus on Bingo, typically bingo bonuses are no longer risk free. They used to be in the past when there was a sub culture of “Bingo Bonus Baggers” who would get a bonus, play through it, and withdraw whatever winnings for free. However times have changed and now there is usually a Wager Requirement attached to such bonuses, meaning that y0u have to play through the bonus multiple (typically 3-5) times before you are eligible to withdraw any winnings and as there is no way to guarantee winnings at Bingo, it’s possible that you would make a loss by the time you finish the wager requirement, also if the wager requirement is not fullfilled the Bonus and any Pending winnings are withdrawn by the Bookie which can leave you definitely out of pocket if you’re half way through.

So this email stated that the wager requirement  was only 1x meaning I only had to play through it once before being eligible to withdraw, now I figured that made this offer, at the very least, a no-lose situation, sure it wouldn’t necessarily guarantee any winnings from the bonus, especially knowing my luck, but it would also pass a Friday evening, I deposited the Max £300 and got my free £150 bonus.

Then we went and collected, a rare treat for us, a Chinese carry-out and with it came the Fortune Cookies, LOL.. mine said;

Big things are coming, it’s only a matter of time

to which I joked to mr.t that probably means the winter fuel bills :)

So as the evening went on I played some online Bingo, which I have to say is incredibly boring, though the chat room gets interesting as the Pubs come out, however I discovered the other “Gotcha” – as I finally started to win some little amounts these amounts went into the Bonus Balance, and not into pending Cash as I’d originally thought and I realised that even though I might complete the original £150 wager requirement any ‘profits’ would be in the Bonus Balance which also then are required to be played through before any winnings would go to the cash balance! Ouch.. well still it was no lose which is where I’d started.

Bingo Bonus Offer

Can you still make money from Bingo Bonus bagging?

Originally I’d thought I would stake on high jackpot games, treating the whole exercise a bit like a lottery, albeit with better Odds than the national one, but then I realised I didn’t want a big balance in the Bonus section too early on, as the chances of any of it not being tied up in Bonus balance before the wager requirement was finished was slim to none! :( So I waded through the smaller games low stakes but more change of winning small too.

By Saturday evening I’d reduced the Wager Requirement to £50 and my Bonus balance was £75 which means that I’d “won” about £25 from the first £100 on Friday night – and that if I played through £50 my Wager requirement would be finished but that any winnings made in this time would still go to the bonus balance, however with £25 already there there was now a better chance that with a bigger win some of indeed would manage to be retained in pending cash! So I changed tack and started with the bigger stakes on a mid-range jackpot game, got lucky and won about another £15 at which point the Wager requirement was finished and finally £7 of those winnings showed up in cash balance, woohoo I’d made some money off a no-lose investment, and a bit of fun. At this point I now had £33 still in Bonus funds which I had to spend in Bingo, but now any winnings would definitely go to cash, so off I headed to a Bigger jackpot room to blow the lot, I chose Lucky Leprechauns and that along with the Fortune Cookie from Friday must have been the lucky boost I needed, I won *twice* gaining £33 for one line, and my first ever jackpot - £93, and a couple of £1.50 extra along the way – But there I stopped for the evening with £136 profit and £15 in Bonus funds still to spend.

The next night after getting home I decided to blow the final £15 I had remaining in bonus funds as I wanted the whole thing finished ready to transfer the initial deposit (now with profits!) money back to my bank on Monday Morning, I seriously did not expect to make anything more on this considering what I already had to be lucky, fluke whatever.. but wouldn’t you adam & eve it, managed to turn that £15 into £19 real cash - Kerchingggg, £155 pure profit

Bingo winnings, as I’ve played some free games before now,  now account for £167 of my total profit!!

Will I be doing this again, can’t say I relish the prospect, not much fun in online, auto-dabber bingo, but if the right offer (1x WR) comes along on another quiet weekend.. then probably, but now I see there is a very high chance you will not win big just at the time you need to, definitely keep it small while you get through the bulk of the WR.

OMG I can’t believe I just posted about making money playing online bingo, y’all laughing at me yet :)

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