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In One Hand, Out the Other PTII

Thrift mode came into play, time to go shopping. I do like to research online but when shopping for large items I do like to see before I buy though I also knew I’d likely get a better deal if I shopped online so first I set about researching what features we’d most like in a new family PC . The first thing voted for was unanimous.. it had to be laptop so that bit was easy.

Computer Frustration [image]

In One Hand and Out the Other PT I

6 Hours later I was about chucking the whole thing through the nearest window, I had a catch22 on my hands, I had the ingredients all installed, but one. One of those ingredients (drivers) needed installed at the same time as Windows was installed, but I couldn’t install it without Windows being installed??!!?? .. I really want to swear again here grrr.. and I thought I was over it ;)