Happy Hogmanay, a Nice End to the Year

image: happy new year

Happy Ending to this Year and Best Wishes for the New One!

New Total = £1563

Last Report, 21st Dec – £1450

Profit = £88

Yippee!! wasn’t going to do an End of Year report , but just a quick post as I not only reached my mini target of £1500 I smashed it :) – with £88 in 1 x week!

If you remember from my last post I said I wasn’t having much luck with the Advent Promotion Games, having only made £59 off 15 x games while investing £95, well this week by contrast I have played only 6 games and invested £20 and still have come out to the good by £58

Actual Profit Breakdown:

  • Cashback – £25
  • Games – £58
  • Bet offers – £30 (4 x freebets)

Told you those games needed a bit of luck, and in context I made just a much in this 1 week as I did in the previous 3.. lol.

The Cashback of £25 was a nice Christmas bonus too, this was actually from my oldest signup offer way back in July, so it took 5 months to come through, but you will remember than whenever I’ve mentioned Cashback bonuses I’ve always said that you should never count them until they hit the bank account, so here it is :)

The freebets were simple social media /”tweeted” quickies, but were got from the bookmaker I think I’ve been limited at (or perhaps it was the popularity of the offers that got them limited before I got to them? with the twitter/facebook offers you have to be really quick, within 5 minutes sometimes!) so the total I was able to get on was £21 across the 4 bets, not at lot, but to turn a £30 profit from a £21 investment is way more than the expected 80% – it’s actually 142% for those that care ;) – I’ll admit that I weighted 2 of these bets in favour of the odds, i.e. I didn’t match them for an equal profit despite the result. As the “allowed” stakes were so small, @£3 each, I actually weighted them so that if they lost, I lost nothing – but if they won I got nearly twice the profit I would have done.. this technique is called “underlaying”. It paid off for me on both occasions, which is also lucky!

At least I think it was lucky, but I will maybe write another post about this underlaying technique in the future as it may be the way I go in the next year. According to those in the know this technique while not showing regular profits like equally matched betting, shows more profit over time – I will analyse my figures just to see if that would have been true in my case over the past 6 months, but not tonight as it’s Hogmanay!

Happy Hogmanay everyone and I hope your New Year is Healthy and Prosperous!