In One Hand and Out the Other PT I

Isn’t it always the way! While I’ve been making some pocket money on the one side, unexpected bills suddenly crop up on the other?

I thought I would turn the latest family saga into a thrifty deal finding aim.  this will be in 2 parts as it actually involves 2 aims, each with its own story to tell.


My so called friends call me a geek cos I know a little bit, enough to be dangerous probably, about computers so sometimes I do go into Geek speak, though I’ll try to keep it relevant.. but, in my own defence,  it’s really not my fault that my first real “Should I spend” aim is a computer related one

The story so far….  t.jnr, bless him, decided it was a good idea to see what happens when he spilled juice on his PC! – to be fair it was an accident, but we do enjoy winding him up :) The situation was that then we only have the one computer in the house, which is perfectly fine under normal circumstances, and has been good enough in this household for the last 13+ years.. however it is the holidays and he is nearly a teenager and already has discovered YouTube (game cheats/examples!) and facebook.  Then also there’s  mr.t who is now using his free time to ‘keep in touch’, he’s a technophobe at heart but in the last year or so he’s had to  learn and now wants his time to email and ‘facebook’ too.   Lastly there’s me, and all joking aside about my right arm being cut off without a computer, I realised I cannot work (yep real jobs!) without a backup PC any more, 2 of my 3 jobs require a computer and there has already been more than once this year I’ve had to move the router so I can work on t.jnrs PC (one job requires I be “hard wired”, not wireless, hence the router move) when my aging, but old faithful, PC has let me down - Q: Why, you might ask, don’t we have a laptop.. A: We just never needed one, so far… see PT II

Computer Frustration [image]

I was so ready to throw the thing out of the nearest window, but I like the picture best I should have just shot it!!

So for PT I  –   I have 2 PC’s in bits thanks to friends who donated systems, they thought were dead, in the past and I’m sure it must be possible to make something work, yeah I’m a bit of a geek but I don’t “do hardware”.  However I very quickly realised that although we have one “fried” mother board  (Yes t.jnr that’s what spilling juice over the main circuit/mother board will do ;) ) the Hard Drive from the “fried” PC won’t fit in the other.. now the other PC has absolutely nothing wrong with it, even it’s PSU is brand new, with tags!,  except it doesn’t have a Hard Drive, so being the thrift conscious person I am I don’t want to buy a brand new hard drive in case it doesn’t go as I expect, and I may be throwing some good money after bad.. if I’m gonna spend money I’d rather spend it on something that definitelyworks.

So I put out an appeal on my facebook for anyone who had similar “tower spares” lying around and I did get an aged tower that would no longer boot, though it did power on, now probably this could have been fixed but the system itself was even older than the one I was trying to put together, so I opened it up, the casing that is, and joy.. the hard drive was compatible ;) this, I thought, was going to be easy..

There is a reason I don’t do Hardware!!

Yes it, the newly acquired hard drive  plugged in, but it needed drivers galore before it would ‘speak ‘ to my PC #2 – fast forward to 18 hours later (not consecutive I did sleep and eat  and did some virus cleaning I might add) I had all the necessary ingredients to make this work -Yippee!!

6 Hours later I was about chucking the whole thing through the nearest window, I had a catch22 on my hands, I had the ingredients all installed, but one.  One of those ingredients (drivers) needed installed at the same time as Windows was installed, but I couldn’t install it without Windows  being installed??!!?? .. I really want to swear again here grrr.. and I thought I was over it ;)

So that’s Part I,  I had tried and failed to be thrifty and use what I had/knew  to tide us over, I hate failing but I had tried…so it was really time to buy a new PC, which I’ve always said when the time came, that would be a Laptop (more in PT II)



Addendum. .. I subsequently learned how to make (slipstream, a new word for me!) a CD, the PC would initially have to boot from this CD/DVD, which would allow me to reinstall Windows and the missing ingredient/driver at the same time… but – so many buts, can  you see why I was throwing it out the window?, it needed the system to recognise that there was  CD/DVD drive installed.. now bearing in mind that this missing ingredient was to make the CD/DVD drive visible to be able to install from I really was stuck but knew that with a wee bit more equipment, i.e. something to plug the CD/DVD drive into which would recognise it at boot time .. I did the dutiful thing and handed it over to someone else, a friend, who did complete the last bit for me.. and it is now working :)   – Part II was already in action by then, as like I said, I could not risk the future connectivity of this household, or my jobs, on a “maybe” repair.

I will add some links below here that helped  me in case future searches bring  people here,  if they’re not here and you’re interested post your interest in comments and I’ll find and post them PDQ!