No betting, it’s all about Bingo!

image: I love Bingo

My new found love is Bingo, and I’ve managed to combine it with my Coffee addiction :)

New Total – £1723

Last Report, 31st Dec – £1563

Profit – £160

Am struggling to get going this year, with the betting that is, plus I love weather watching at this time of year so I’ve been procrastinating because of snow, or chasing it!

But the title says it all really, I ♥ Bingo!! – well I don’t really but in the last 2 weeks I’ve received 2 x offers that were just too good to pass up, and I could play it after clearing snow without having to watch for betting offers.

Some parts of the offers involved me borrowing mr.t’s phone so I could download an app and play via it – not sure I would play this way were I an actual Bingo player, as there’s not much fun in tapping the screen 4 times to play a game, and it’s not easy to “chat” via a small screen touchpad either but hey ho!

Now just to show how little (no) betting I’ve done here’s the Profit breakdown:

  • Bingo – £147
  • Games – £13

I was really surprised to get the same offer twice in 2 weeks but I wasn’t gonna pass them up. There is only 1 type of Bingo offer that is Risk Free and it doesn’t appear that often, or so I thought.

Bingo Bonus Bagging used to be very lucrative, but now there is usually a wager requirement attached to Bingo Bonuses so even if you win on the first playthrough you cannot withdraw winnings without playing through the bonus amount another 5-10 times which usually means there is nothing left, of the winnings or your intial deposit. The only offers I will play are those with a 1 x wager requirement.. these are Risk Free but you have to realise that while you will not lose anything you also may not win anything.

However, so far anyway, in all my times of playing Bingo Bonuses I have been lucky and have won something on each promotion and the total to date that I have made from Bingo is a tidy £429 which is a staggering 25% of my overall profit, in context that’s about £16 per week on average, but still being as I’m still on a relatively small float and am happy to take profits of £1 on small offers this is immense. I can’t really see these offers being sent to me for much longer, but as long as they do, I will remain in love with Bingo!

I am now taking a definite break for a week or 2 from matched betting, even the games, and trawling the offer sites, I’ve jaded myself and need to take a step back to see what this years plan of attack will be.. see you in a fortnight, or thereabouts!