image: Advent Calendar

Advent Promotions haven’t been so lucky so far!

“What’s luck got to do with it?” you may ask, when I’ve said this is Risk Free, well it is risk free but when playing the games, free spin kind of offers – which there are loads of right now – you don’t actually lose anything, but you need a wee bit of luck to have a decent sized WIN, it’s an all or nothing kind of thing when spinning the reels :)

image: Calm Before Storm

Calm Before The Storm

Another average week, anything over £25 is not to be sneezed at, with the profit increasing by £57!

A breakdown of this just because and to show that very few ‘bets’ are actually going on:

Bingo – £18, Risk free Games – £25, 2 Free Bet offers – £14


Trading X-Factor, next Chelsea Manager and Taxi service!

I did manage a trade on the X-Factor elimination last Saturday evening, this was much better fun than the actual program or result itself! but missed the opportunity for a trade on the “Next Chelsea Manager” market, maybe I’ll not have to wait too long for another though!

image: Fortune Cookie

Biggest week, foretold by a fortune cookie!

I opened my betting email account to find an offer from one of my bookies for a 50% deposit Bonus on Bingo, typically bingo bonuses are no longer risk free. They used to be in the past when there was a sub culture of “Bingo Bonus Baggers” who would get a bonus, play through it, and withdraw whatever winnings for free..

image: target reached

Mini Challenge over, Target reached

In the end I did make the target and I calculated that I’ve turned over £1.8K in trades in 2+ weeks and made a profit of £7 on the trades + the £25 ‘prize’ for a total of a free £32, It probably could have been slightly more but I did make some other mistakes along the way – though making mistakes and still making a profit is fine by me.

Christian Benteke

Yay Scotland, Boo England!

Just last night on that washed out England game I’ve had to take a loss of about £4 . I wanted to explain this because this highlights where the “risk” does come into this matched betting lark. I had a trade in place on this match, which as we all know got called off far too late, the bet I had with the bookmakers was voided and the exchange where I traded it off honoured the bet so in short I had an UN-matched bet.. not good!

image: Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves

Trading a lot, pennies make pounds

But there’s a gotcha, I don’t know If I’ll reach this target so I’m setting myself another goal and that is to not make a loss on the qualifying trades. It would normally be expected to make a few pennies loss on each qualifying trade, but worth it because the prize is greater than the loss, however in this case because I’m not sure I can turnover enough to reach the target, I’m making it harder for myself and using it to practice research skills.

dont-understand-cricket [image]

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself..

Had a bumper weekend last weekend (17th and 18th) ~ I hit a bit of luck on a freebie (no risk to me) slot game as well as managing to grab a rather profitable first time offer for text ‘betting’. .. unlike the usual adage of “if it’s too good to be true it usually is..” this one paid off :)

So sum total for last weekend was approx. £140! – Wish they could all be like that.

This time it's my computer which is ill :(

Computer again, it’s mine that’s really sick this time!

1st new purchase is to be another external drive to get all documents and profiles saved to, then we (me and my baby) have to start the parting of our ways as she really cannot last very much longer, yes I’m sentimental, but I felt the same way over my first car and I kept her until she had to go to the scrapyard in the sky :(

Andy Murray achieved his first major aim this week, I'm more determined than ever to keep at mine!!

Aim #1 – plus £70

I will not bet (invest) into a sporting event that I get too emotional about.. i.e. the Andy Murray US Open victory, offers were flying at me left right and centre for this match, but because I couldn’t work out the best way to use them along with the few bookies I have & I had the “I want him to win” mentality.. then I just left well alone – there will be another day