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Trading.. a little but mostly I’ve been playing Games.. for profit!

Over the course of the the last few weeks I’ve taken part in 14 offers – I’ve lost 6 times – which was an outlay of £40 though all has been refunded so it was not lost really and the other 8 times I’ve played I’ve turned £57 into £238 – a profit of £181

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In One Hand, Out the Other PTII

Thrift mode came into play, time to go shopping. I do like to research online but when shopping for large items I do like to see before I buy though I also knew I’d likely get a better deal if I shopped online so first I set about researching what features we’d most like in a new family PC . The first thing voted for was unanimous.. it had to be laptop so that bit was easy.

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Small trading update and a Punt.

Again am at a bit of a standstill as my 12/1 horsey won, so float is again tied up at the Bookmakers – not that I’m going to try this but if you ever want a long shot winner I seem to be regularly ‘picking’ them (25% success rate so far). It never fails to amaze me that when I want them to lose, they come in – mr.t still laughs when i say “Oh No, my horse won!”

Computer Frustration [image]

In One Hand and Out the Other PT I

6 Hours later I was about chucking the whole thing through the nearest window, I had a catch22 on my hands, I had the ingredients all installed, but one. One of those ingredients (drivers) needed installed at the same time as Windows was installed, but I couldn’t install it without Windows being installed??!!?? .. I really want to swear again here grrr.. and I thought I was over it ;)

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UEFA Qualifers take the trading total a bit higher

Then of course along comes EUFA Champions qualifiers last night, I’ve never done this while major footie was ongoing.. WOW much easier :) ….. Later yesterday evening all I had to do was check which side of the trades had won and update my spreadsheet accordingly +£19 thank you!


Money Takes Time..

if it’s a bet small lots to get regular freebies, then you may well have to settle for less as biding your time doesn’t work in this case. As an example I’m working through an offer just now that will (eventually!) give me £100 of free bets, however in order to get them I have to match 37 x £10 bets!


Make Money Betting?

OMG, that’s 2 x new things I now do, I am apparently now a blogger, but I also Make Money betting!!! …

Central Heating problems

Central Heating Boiler Fund

..we needed to find £3000+ as our Oil fired boiler was just about scraping by, but then the oil tank itself was corroding due to it being of the no longer allowed metal kind…


well Hello..!

are we nearly there yet….? yep we sure are, I’d like to say an official Hello and…