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image: happy new year

Happy Hogmanay, a Nice End to the Year

Yippee!! wasn’t going to do an End of Year report , but just a quick post as I not only reached my mini target of £1500 I smashed it :) – with £88 in 1 x week! ….. “if they won I got nearly twice the profit I would have done.. this technique is called “underlaying”. It paid off for me on both occasions, which is also lucky!”

winning horse image

Small trading update and a Punt.

Again am at a bit of a standstill as my 12/1 horsey won, so float is again tied up at the Bookmakers – not that I’m going to try this but if you ever want a long shot winner I seem to be regularly ‘picking’ them (25% success rate so far). It never fails to amaze me that when I want them to lose, they come in – mr.t still laughs when i say “Oh No, my horse won!”