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image: Nearly there

1st Target is sooo Close

It’s been a week and it’s been more than I could have hoped for! my 1st target of £2k is within tasting distance ..

Last week I left you with “taking a punt”, but not really, as my investment was always gonna win something

image: target reached

Mini Challenge over, Target reached

In the end I did make the target and I calculated that I’ve turned over £1.8K in trades in 2+ weeks and made a profit of £7 on the trades + the £25 ‘prize’ for a total of a free £32, It probably could have been slightly more but I did make some other mistakes along the way – though making mistakes and still making a profit is fine by me.

Andy Murray achieved his first major aim this week, I'm more determined than ever to keep at mine!!

Aim #1 – plus £70

I will not bet (invest) into a sporting event that I get too emotional about.. i.e. the Andy Murray US Open victory, offers were flying at me left right and centre for this match, but because I couldn’t work out the best way to use them along with the few bookies I have & I had the “I want him to win” mentality.. then I just left well alone – there will be another day