Trading X-Factor, next Chelsea Manager and Taxi service!

Latest Total = £1289

Last report 30th Oct = £1136

Profit =£153

After the last bumper week at the end of the October holidays,  things have slowed quite a bit, but profit for last 3 weeks is still profit and was £153

The “slow up” is mainly due to t.jnr‘s sporting activities resuming and the taxi service he requires – Mum’s Taxi -  and my seasonal evening job, meaning there’s not so much opportunity for me to take up most offers. e.g. Champions/UEFA league and Saturday football :(

image: x-factor

Trading the X-Factor elimination results is way more fun than the actual show!

I did however manage a trade on the X-Factor elimination last Saturday evening, this was much better fun than the actual program or result itself! and I’ve still been playing the regular Risk-Free games, not been so lucky on them but still ticking over a few pounds every week.

Not to worry though this was never a get rich scheme, and there are still plenty bookmakers out there I’ve not joined up with yet.

I suppose the “next Chelsea manager” market could have held some opportunities for a trade too, but by the time I looked at it last night, the News was just breaking about Rafa Benitez so another opportunity missed, though it’s possible I’ll not have to wait too long for another one :) – I’m thinking there’s probably a market for how long the Chelsea Manager will actually last.. poor Di Matteo, it’s just nae right what’s happened!